Our Team

CEO, CTO & Co-Founder

Christian Pulieri

Since childhood, he has always dreamt of creating video games that would change the world.

Therefore, he studied computer science and began creating social media content at age 13.

To date, he has made dozens of prototypes, launched 4 mobile games and achieved +300k followers and +25mln views speaking to Gen-Z.

COO, CMO & Co-Founder

Fausto Capriotti

Master civil engineer who less than 4 years ago left a permanent position to pursue his passion: teaching, coaching and mentoring students from 13 to over 30 years old.

In 8 years he has done over 1000 lessons (math-physics) and helped over 100 kids achieve extraordinary results.

Content Creator since 2020 (+50k followers & +15mln views).


Filippo Satolli

Passionate about innovation and technology, he has worked for more than 15 years in the Digital and Startup sector, consolidating entrepreneurial and business development skills in international environments.

Today his focus is startups as CEO (4books), Founder (Instal and VD News), Investor (Cii2 and Madison Capital), Advisor (StoryKube and Autorevol) and Mentor (B4i, Nana Bianca and Plus9).

Narrative Designer & Copywriter

Antonella Chiego

Book lover with a deep passion for putting herself out there with huge challenges. Writing is the lifeblood that sustains her. She self-published the first volume of poems about 12 years ago and made her debut last year with the first volume of the Urban fantasy saga - "The Last Black Sky".

Digital Marketer & Content Creator

Enrico Frascina

Marketing lover, always looking for new challenges and innovative strategies to improve his skills, reach thousands of people and create huge impact.

Unity Game Developer

Alessandro Ennas

IT Specialist and Game Developer with +20 years experience.

His biggest flaw is having to reverse engineer any object to fully understand how it works.

Unity Game Developer

Andrea Tedesco

Computer engineer specialized in video games and web3. Has helped develop +10 projects reaching +300k users. He loves dedicating his great energy and determination to creating digital tools that will actively create tomorrow's world.

Illustrator, Animator & 3D Generalist

Alessandro Barison

He has been walking unmarked paths for +30 years, working with international companies in the Advertising, Games and Cartoon fields. Art director, concept and character design, illustrator, 3D Generalist, 2D and 3D animator. Always looking for new visual languages, new stories, new adventures. Loves taking care of monsters, robots and fragile creatures that are born between pieces of paper and unruly pixels.

UI/UX Designer

Rachele Cespi

Born as an Illustrator and Visual Designer, she discovered UX/UI Design and the philosophy of Human Centered Design.

In 2021 she starts a new adventure as UI Artist for video game development with a holistic approach: for her, in fact, through accessible, virtuous and inclusive digital systems one can trigger real cultural and social revolutions.

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Chiara Schiappa 

She has made her passions her work, working on major national and international communication projects.

Passionate about Fantasy and Animation.

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