Learn math the epic way

What if learning mathematics was as simple and fun as playing video games?

Stop asking yourself: just download Math Legacy 👀

Math mastery... through a videogame?!

Constant Feedback

You'll save time by knowing right away if one step is wrong and why

Spaced Repetition

You will master each topic by taking one step at a time, day by day, in your own time

Customized Pathway

The game adapts to your current level, helping you overcome your weaknesses

And now... let's get to the important stuff!

Extraordinary Adventure

The Universe is in danger!

The Dark Knights are depriving planets of their mathematical essence, and at this rate, they will become unstoppable.

Join the Math Guardians, ancient protectors of the mathematical legacy, unleash powerful spells, and rescue the Universe from impending doom!

Game Modes


Complete exercises with increasing difficulty and master all the topics

Boss Fight

Increase your strength, use powerful spells, and fight the Dark Knights!


Join forces with other players around the world to protect the math legacy

To recap, Math Legacy is...

Pure Videogame

No more grades, exercises and tests. It's now time for experience points, levels and boss fights.

No, that's not a dream.

Free Study

You can practice and complete levels anywhere, anytime. Imagine getting better at math in the bathroom. Yep.

Full Customization

Missing building blocks will no longer a problem. Catch up, fight your insecurities and win every battle.

Our Vision

Imagine a world in which studying math is as easy, fun and rewarding as playing video games.

That's the world we want to build with Math Legacy.

Are you with us?

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